Creative Shift Mastermind – Registration

Get the Support System You Need to
Succeed with Your Writing or Creative Work

Embark on a step-by-step process to find more time to write, define your creative identity, and create a plan to reach your audience.

The Creative Shift Mastermind is a 3-month program where you work directly with me and a group of 10 other writers and creators just like you.

We become your support system, brainstorming partners, and the team of collaborators you have always dreamed of.

The details:

  • January 1 – March 31, 2019
  • This is a virtual group, you don’t have to show up anywhere at any specific day or time.
  • Join a small group of 9 other writers & creators who will become your creative community.
  • Schedule two one-on-one calls with me to ensure that this program is 100% personalized to your needs.
  • Receive a free package in the mail that includes 15+ worksheets and guides, a copy of my book, Be the Gateway, and more.
  • Price $297 per month, with a three month commitment.


We identify specific ways for you to find more time and energy to create. You will establish unbreakable creative habits that supercharge your creative process in ways you never considered before.


We develop radical clarity in your writing and creative work. You will focus on the work that matters most to you, and identifying the impact you want your work to have on the lives of others.


We generate a clear plan to authentically connect your writing and art to those who will appreciate it most. We will demystify the process of how your creative vision can change people’s lives.

The Creative Shift Mastermind is for the writer and creator who is ready to commit to themselves and their work — who wants their work to create an impact in the lives of others. When the Mastermind concludes, you will have a clear sense of what you create, how you create it, and how to connect it to those who will love it.

Stop struggling alone with your creative work. Join me…

Dan Blank

My name is Dan Blank. I have worked with thousands of writers and artists through this process. Every day, you will see and hear from me. I record videos each weekday that directly address your goals and those of the group.

We will engage in personalized discussions in the online workspace that encourage and inspire you to unearth your creative identity, and reach your creative goals. I provide direct feedback every day to help you work through challenges, brainstorm new ideas, and provide guidance based on my years of experience working with thousands of writers and creators.

If you can change ONE person’s world with your writing or art, you can do it for HUNDREDS, or even THOUSANDS of people.

Make a creative shift in your life by gaining total clarity on your creative identity, developing strong writing habits, generating a plan to connect authentically with those who love your work, and do it all with a support system to ensure you stay accountable and on track.

Our goals are simple: I want you to wake up on April 1, 2019 and be able to say this:

“I know exactly what I need to do to connect authentically with my ideal audience. I have committed to myself and my creative work, and I have a clear plan. This year is going to be a banner year for me. I have made my creative shift, and now I’m going to live up to it.”

Your Creative Shift is a Commitment:


To Yourself: When you sign up, this is a commitment to yourself. You are committing to take action in moving forward with your writing and creative work. You are promising to making the creative shift you dream about. Because of this, there are no refunds for any reason.


To Be Supported By Others: When you sign up, you are admitting that you want to work with other like-minded writers and creators. You will not sit quietly on the sidelines, you will get in the game and take action. In return, you will create strong collaborations with others in the group!


To Engage With Me Directly: When you sign up, you will hear from me every day via the videos I share and advice I take you through, and with my responses to your questions in making your creative shift. I’m present in the Mastermind every day. You don’t have to be there every day, but I’ll be there waiting, in the trenches with you with mud on my boots.

Want more details? Let me take you through the purpose of the Creative Shift Mastermind:

The Creative Shift Mastermind is like having a personal CREATIVE trainer show up at your door every single day.

How This Works

This is how the Creative Shift Mastermind works:

  1. When you register you will be given the syllabus so that you have a clear picture of how the entire three month program works. You will also receive a questionnaire from me so that I can immediately begin personalizing things for you.
  2. US registrants will receive a package in the mail with worksheets, guides, and a copy of my book.
  3. We use a private shared online workspace that you will be given access to. Most of our communications are text-based, so you don’t have to show up anywhere at any specific time. The Mastermind is there for you when you need it, and it disappears when you don’t!
  4. Every single weekday I record a brand new video for you and the group. These videos walk you through the exercises in the Creative Shift program, and answer your questions directly.
  5. You will have your very own channel in the Mastermind where you can share updates, ask me and others questions, and where we show up to support you.
  6. Every Monday I post a new topic for that week. I lead you step-by-step through the program. You can spend as little as 1-2 hours per week on the Mastermind, or as much as you like. There is no wrong way to engage with us, and I will share many tips on how you can get the most out of the Mastermind.
  7. You will setup two calls with me, one near the beginning of the Mastermind, and one towards the end, so that we can 100% personalize the experience for you.

The next session begins January 1, 2019. The price is $297 per month with a three month commitment. If you are a writer or artist seeking to expand your audience through your own creativity, I encourage you to join us:

Plus: Goodies!

When you register for the Mastermind, you will have the option to receive a free package in the mail, filled with guides and worksheets we can work through at various stages of the program. Included is a print copy of my book, Be the Gateway.

(Note: All participants will also receive a digital copy of all worksheets. The physical mailer is available to participants in the United States only. Sorry! International participants will receive all of this digitally.)


The Mastermind is one of the most powerful things I have ever offered — the feedback from folks who joined me have been off the charts amazing. They have found renewed clarity in their creative work, and a solid roadmap for moving forward.

Maya Rushing Walker

“WOW. I’m really blown away (seriously, not exaggerating) by the kind, helpful responses in this group. When I signed up, I had wondered if I was doing the right thing by joining this Mastermind –– I was afraid I wasn’t really ready for the step. But now I see that this is exactly what I needed.”
—- Maya Rushing Walker

Teri Case

“Since taking Dan Blank’s Mastermind, I have published my debut novel, won awards, sent my second novel to my editor, and made over sixty close creative friends. I am now a career novelist. It boggles my mind to say so because I talked about being an author for decades. Decades! I wish every creative person would do a Mastermind and make their someday this day.”
– Teri Case

Barbara Boyd

“I am inspired by the amazing folks in this Mastermind. The adage that you become who you hang out with is true and I can become a better writer and creative person by spending time with this group. This Mastermind is far more than I imagined it could be.”
– Barbara Boyd

Kimberli Bindschatel

“I thought I’d signed up for the Mastermind to get my career back on track. Seems like we’ve delved into getting my whole life onto a better track.”
– Kimberli Bindschatel

Simon Maple

“In the Mastermind I have gone through profound creative growth. I learned new things about myself, making experiential, intellectual and emotional connections that surprised me and enriched me. That’s the secret power that Dan’s Mastermind unleashes. He is a master weaver of collaboration. Magic occurs in the Mastermind.”
– Simon Maple

KJ Dell Antonia

“Dan’s encouragement and insights helped me to change my approach to connecting with my readers and my community. He helped me stay true to my values and my self.”
— KJ Dell’Antonia

Heather Keyser

“Dan’s Mastermind has made reaching my dreams possible. I might not have taken action on writing my novel or selling my art if it weren’t for Dan showing me the way in both practical and inspiring ways, day in and day out. He leads by example. I’m in awe of how much I’ve accomplished under his guidance and gathering of creative individuals.”
— Heather Keyser


“One of the best investments I’ve made in my creative work is participating in Dan’s Mastermind. He is open, accessible, and enthusiastically shares his wealth of knowledge and insights every day. If you’re ready to take your creative work to the next level, working with Dan is a fantastic way to do it.”
— Pam Laricchia

Irene Buchine

“Joining Dan’s Mastermind was the best decision I could have made. He helped me break down my big creative goals into one small action step at a time. To say I’m grateful to Dan for his guidance, insights and support would be an understatement! ”
— Irene Buchine

Kathryn Ramsperger

“In the Mastermind I’ve connected with many other amazing writers and artists that I know will be part of my life for a long time. Dan has taken me from the beginning of a publishing process to the end of my publicity tour.”
— Kathryn Ramsperger

Dawn Downey

“This Mastermind has given me a sense of direction with the business side of my writing that I’ve never had before.”
— Dawn Downey

Leigh Stein

“I loved the Mastermind! It helped me gain clarity on where I wanted to spend my time and creative energy, and ultimately I finished a draft of my novel. The weekly accountability and support allowed me to accomplish more than I would have going at it alone.”
– Leigh Stein

Rachel Barry

“I started the Mastermind because I was stuck. I thought about writing all the time–but I didn’t actually write. Dan and the Mastermind of creatives helped me get out of this tremendous slump and into the most productive creative period I’ve ever experienced. I’m writing, I’m submitting, I’m confident. The Mastermind is a priceless experience.”
– Rachel Barry

Beth Chardack

“In the first Mastermind I was a part of, Dan had us establish one small habit. Eleven months later, I’m still writing every day. That naturally builds to bigger and better habits, in other areas too. I can’t believe the change in my work habits over the year.”
– Beth Chardack

Jack Schaeffer

“Dan promised me collaboration when I signed up for this group. I had my doubts, but not anymore. Being a part of the the Mastermind group has brought so much clarity (and simplicity) to my creative work.”
–– Jack Schaeffer

Oh, and we are going to have FUN doing it all!

The next session begins January 1, 2019. The price is $297 per month with a three month commitment. If you are a writer or artist seeking to expand your audience through your own creativity, I encourage you to join us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mastermind an online ‘course’ or ‘class’?

No. The problem I have found with most online courses is that you are basically buying content (videos and text) and are left to struggle on your own. Instead, the Creative Shift Mastermind is a structured engagement with me and 10 or so other writers and artists.

I provide the framework, the process, the worksheets, the prompts, but we work through them together. It is your choice how much you want to share, but the purpose to discuss your process, inspiration and what holds you back. Working through your process leads to clarity, and eventually to reaching your audience in a way that feels authentic and meaningful.

What technology do I need in order to access the Mastermind?

The main tool to access the Creative Shift Mastermind is Slack, which is sort of like a group instant messaging platform. Slack is a free app you can access in three ways:

  • Download the app on your computer or tablet.
  • View via web browser.
  • Access the app on your phone.

When you join the Mastermind, my team and I walk you through accessing and using Slack. The Mastermind has been hosted through this platform for years, and regardless of technical skills or lack thereof, every participant has become comfortable with Slack very quickly. It is simple and easy to use. You can learn more about Slack here:

That’s it! Within Slack, I share worksheets, videos, and offer feedback every day. Participants can comment, post updates, ask questions, and engage with other writers and artists in the Mastermind.

Are there any days or times I have to show up live for anything?

Nope! The Creative Shift Mastermind happens entirely online, and on your schedule. You have a full and busy life, which is why I spent years honing the Mastermind so you can access it when and where you want to.

I post videos each morning and am responding to conversations throughout the day, so I can respond to messages posted by Mastermind members on their schedule, not mine.

There are no scheduled calls or specific days/times you need to be in a meeting or online.

In terms of scheduling, what does a typical week in the Mastermind look like?

The Mastermind generally follows this schedule:

  • On Monday’s I post a topic for the week via a 10 minute video.
  • Throughout the week, I post additional 10 minute videos each day based upon feedback and comments.
  • Each day, which we have text-based discussions in various channels in the Mastermind. Here we work through your questions, your goals and your challenges. You can also engage with other writers and artists in the group.
  • Usually once per week I share a worksheet to help you work through that week’s topic.
  • At the end of each week I encourage you to post assessments of your week.

How much time per week will the Mastermind require?

I would encourage you to plan to spend a minimum of 1-2 hours per week on the work in the Mastermind. This, of course, does not include holidays, vacations, or other time off you need to take. Over the three-month period, I expect that there are some weeks that you will be away.

The goal of your engagement in the Mastermind is to move your work forward and make your own Creative Shift. At a minimum, I want you to:

  • Review the Monday video that I post.
  • Spend time during the week working on your focus for the Mastermind (doing your work) and sharing progress/questions in a channel that is created just for your work.
  • Posting an assessment at the end of each week (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
  • Watching other videos posted that week as you can.

Although daily check-ins are not required for the Mastermind, I encourage you to pop in on weekdays. I’m there every day!

What about vacations and holidays I have already scheduled?

The Creative Shift Mastermind takes place over the course of 3 months. Because of this, I expect that you may be away for a week here or there for vacations, holidays, and other obligations.

Members of the Mastermind will simply flag this ahead of time, and I can help ensure that you don’t feel you are ever “falling behind.” It is common for someone to take a week off here or there.

Likewise, on weeks where there are holidays, I am still present in the Mastermind every single day, but I do not expect you to be. I respect that each of us needs to take time to attend to other important facets of our lives, and I adjust the Mastermind accordingly.