Take Back Your Creative Time: Small Habits, Simple Goals

Do you want to spend more time developing a meaningful body of creative work? Do you envision that work as the foundation for a full-time career?

If you are like many people I meet, you have big dreams, but zero momentum. You feel crushed by family obligations, professional obligations, and find that by the time you’re free to focus on your creative work, you feel distracted, overwhelmed, and spent.

In this 3-part video training series, we are going to dig into specific ways you can begin taking back your creative time. Here is the first training session:

Creating momentum in your creative life may require some big changes, but those changes don’t have to be dramatic or overwhelming. Big change can be accomplished through a series of small changes that move you in the right direction.

If you enjoyed this session, please considering sharing it with someone you know who is struggling to find more time for their creative work.