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  • The Mindless Robots of Social Media “Best Practices” (7/18/2014) - This is exactly how I feel about so many of the “best practices” for social media that I hear about; they have the right intention, but something goes awry: What you see here is a robot doing EXACTLY as it was programmed to do. And yet, something is lost in translation. Is the garbage can […]
  • Preparing for Success (and finding more time to write) (7/11/2014) - For so many writers and creative professionals, a key challenge they face is feeling stretched beyond their limits: maxed out on time and energy. This leads to a sense of frustration, and begins to encourage them to OVERLOOK opportunities because they are just “trying to get by” with an already burdensome workload. And worse: their […]
  • Who Started It All For Your Creative Spirit? (7/4/2014) - Who started it for you in lighting the fire for your creative spirit? Who is the source – the person (or people) who initially inspired you to write, to create, to push your skills further? Who transcends all others when you consider “the greats?” And how old were you when you discovered them? This is […]
  • What Are Writers Afraid Of? (7/2/2014) - I recently shared a post on WriterUnboxed exploring the things writers fear most. Top of the list: APATHY. That no one cares about what you write. The piece starts with something one author shared with me about their fears: “That I’ll only end up drowning in the sea of online voices. That no one cares. […]
  • Being Proactive vs Reactive in Crafting and Sharing One’s Voice (6/20/2014) - What is VOICE in the life of a writer or creative professional? This is a question that I considered in a workshop yesterday with 5th graders at PS 123 in Harlem, along with author Julie Sternberg. Julie shared the stories behind crafting several of her books, explaining her obsession with the distinct voice of each […]
  • What Writers Can Learn From a Restaurateur About Establishing a Closer Connection to Your Audience (6/13/2014) - When working with a writer or creative professional to build momentum in engaging an audience, this is the stuff I obsess over: Focus on the basics. The blocking and tackling that most others skip past looking for the shortcuts. Not the sexy stuff of “what new marketing tool was just launched?!” but increasing the quality […]
  • Things I’m Learning While Hiring an Intern (or Three) (6/6/2014) - I set out to hire an intern this summer, and wanted to consider how this experience may be helpful to writers and other creative entrepreneurs. You know, the OVERWHELMED folks (perhaps this is you?) who are trying to do so much – writing, publishing, marketing, a day job, managing family, dishes, laundry – while still […]
  • Taking Control of Your Creative Resources (6/4/2014) - In my most recent guest post for Writer Unboxed, I explore the value of “willful ignorance,” and the potential to find the time to focus on increasing the QUALITY of your work and relationships, not just muddling up your life with an endless list of to-do’s. From the post: Making a decision – taking an […]
  • “New York Times Bestselling Author” (and other things you would like to have permanently attached to your name) (5/30/2014) - For a year now, I have been working with Miranda Beverly-Whittemore on the launch of her novel, Bittersweet. It came out two weeks ago, and we are gobsmacked to find out that it debuted at number 20 on the New York Times Best Seller list! When Miranda and I began working on the Bittersweet launch, […]
  • Publishing is a Team Sport, With a Singular Black Hole In The Middle (5/16/2014) - “I don’t ever give up” became my personal anthem in those days when I truly believed my career was over.” This is how Miranda Beverly-Whittemore described the period in her life where she realized her writing career was in serious jeopardy. When her second book tanked. When no one wanted to buy the next two […]