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  • Andrea Lekberg: Preparing for Success (2/24/2015) - For the past six years, Andrea Lekberg has run The Artist Baker, a boutique bakery & cafe in Morristown, New Jersey. She graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago and The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, and has worked at a long list of notable bakeries and restaurants. She is also – of course […]
  • Angie Pickman: The Artist Who Answered the Question, “Why can’t I be doing this for a living?” (2/19/2015) - Angie Pickman took a big leap, and completely failed. She opened a restaurant in Brooklyn that bled money, and closed six months later. What she did after that moment is inspiring: she turned that failure into a new opportunity, and then made a massive shift to do the unthinkable: make a living as as a […]
  • The Benefits of Talking About My Book 1+ Years Before Publication (2/17/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers. When I announced that I am writing a book last month, I did so at a time that is likely two years before it is published. I have not yet queried agents, not yet signed with […]
  • Rachel Fershleiser: A Career Built on Enthusiasm (2/10/2015) - Today I’m speaking with Rachel Fershleiser, who describes herself this way, “I’m someone who gets really psyched about books on the internet, and I help others do it too.” I am so inspired by not just the scope of Rachel’s work over the years, but how much she is an enthusiastic champion for others. In […]
  • My Podcasting Equipment – Update! (2/9/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers. Back in 2012, I began exploring podcasting, and purchased some audio equipment that would ensure a high quality listening experience. I shared the list of podcasting equipment I bought in this blog post, which included: Heil […]
  • Julia Fierro: Working Through Anxiety to a Wildly Productive Creative Life (2/5/2015) - What Julia Fierro has accomplished is astounding. She is the author of Cutting Teeth and the forthcoming The Gypsy Moth Summer, she runs the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop which has had more than 2,500 writers pass through it in more than 12 years, she is a teacher, has been published in many prominent magazines and […]
  • Why Email Newsletters? (1/29/2015) - In my recent guest post for WriterUnboxed.com, I reviewed the reasons why a writer or creative professional should consider having an email newsletter: If you are skeptical about email, you are not alone. What do you share in a newsletter? One thing: enthusiasm. How often to send a newsletter? Often enough to matter: weekly. How […]
  • Sarah Bray: Earning a Living as a Creative Professional with 1,000 True Fans (1/27/2015) - Sarah Bray is a living embodiment of the 1,000 true fans ethos; She has a thriving career as a creative professional, by catering to a small group of like-minds who know and appreciate her work. Just before we spoke, Sarah was thrust into a career transition when she was laid off from her job. In […]
  • Calculating the ROI (return on investment) of Why I Am Writing a Book (1/27/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers.   How can I justify the time, energy, and money to write a book? We all know the common reasons that people write books, from basic validation and expression, to the drive to share, entertain, and […]
  • New Online Course: Launch Your Email Newsletter (1/26/2015) - I just opened the doors to the next session of my online course: Launch Your Email Newsletter. This is a 4-week course to help writers & creative professionals, well, launch their email newsletters. It begins February 9th, full details are below. One super exciting part of this process has been adding a full faculty to […]