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  • On Challenging What is Expected, In Order To Create Something Extraordinary (12/19/2014) - Last week I wrote about finding clarity in one’s goals, and in being mindful enough to celebrate small successes. One response I received via email floored me: “Your email struck a chord with me. The past year I have worked harder than ever and I feel like I’m on a ride that I can’t get […]
  • Clarity (12/17/2014) - In a recent guest post for WriterUnboxed.com, I explore the value of clarity to see and celebrate your successes: Clarity. This is the word that underscores so much of what you do in connecting with and growing your audience. Clarity of your own focus. Clarity of voice. Clarity of timing. Clarity of who you want […]
  • Pushing Further (12/5/2014) - “You can never go too far.” Back in the 1980s, when I first heard this line in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, it felt like an empowering call to adventure. Now, at 41 — middle-age — it strikes me as a different kind of challenge. Most every creative professional and writer I meet makes […]
  • I am a grown man, and I take a nap every day. (12/2/2014) - I recently shared a guest post for WriterUnboxed.com that discusses the value of adding more unstructured time to your life, and the value of rest. I call these types of actions “White Space”: White Space is a place where we discuss the possibilities of what can be; where bad habits are negated; and where we […]
  • Truly Embracing Your Audience (11/21/2014) - You are a writer. You are an artist. You are an entrepreneur. You are a creative professional of some sort. What is the goal of pursuing your work? What does this look like in real-life? There could be many drivers for what you create, including validation, self-expression, helping others, adding more to the world than […]
  • Q: What Builds Buzz for a Book? A: Craft and Enthusiasm. (11/14/2014) - Today I want to share my experience working with an author whose book comes out in January. During this process, I have been reminded of the core things I love about books, and what truly builds “buzz” for one of them. The author’s name is Christopher Scotton, and his debut novel is The Secret Wisdom […]
  • How to Stand Out on Social Media: CARE (11/7/2014) - This year, I have completely reshaped how I use social media, and it has been an exploration. I’ve tried to share the journey so far: I Am Changing How I Use Social Media: MORE Social, LESS Media Attack of the Social Media Zombies The Mindless Robots of Social Media “Best Practices” As the year comes […]
  • On Risk and Writing (10/31/2014) - This week, two articles I wrote were published: On Risk and Writing I wrote this essay – “On Risk and Writing” – for Compose Journal, which is probably the most personal piece I have ever written. It begins: “Think about your family, you dolt.” This is the kind of mean-spirited personal attack that every blogger […]
  • Create Experiences For Your Audience (10/29/2014) - My latest guest post for Writer Unboxed talks about the value of not just searching for attention, but being careful about where you put your own attention. “Many people bemoan the self-involved writer on social media, the one who is constantly vying for attention and over-promoting their own work. This puts other writers (you, perhaps?) […]
  • Overwhelmed: Turning Your Creative Vision Into a Sustainable Career (10/17/2014) - “Overwhelmed.” This is the word I hear again and again from creative professionals who are trying to create work they love, while creating momentum for their career. A writer in one of my courses recently asked about the next step – the step beyond developing one’s platform and audience. As he put it: “Ultimately we […]