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  • When will it get easier? (8/17/2017) - There has been a quote ringing in my head for awhile now: “Not only does it not get any easier, it actually gets harder.” That is from Dani Shapiro, reflecting on on the desire that nearly every writer and artist has. When you are working so hard to try to create work you can be […]
  • The moment everything changed (8/10/2017) - So many writers and artists I speak to strive to do their work full-time — to be able to spend their days on their craft and developing an audience around it. I was considering the moment when everything changed for me… when it became possible for me to work full-time on my own, to spend […]
  • Nurture the artist inside you – an interview with Samantha Hahn (8/3/2017) - Samantha Hahn is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, creative director, and author. If you are someone who wants to pursue your creative vision, while also earning a living and raising a family, then you have to listen to what Samantha shares. I was blown away by how she balanced so many practical aspects of developing her career […]
  • Finding fulfillment and success as a creative professional — an interview with Elise Blaha Cripe (7/27/2017) - How do you forge your own path to success with your creative work? Today, I talk to Elise Blaha Cripe, who tells us how she turned a blog into platform, a podcast, and a series of products that has helped her thrive. But more than that, I was blown away by her reflection on what […]
  • “Whatever you are doing, be fully engaged in it.” – an interview with Jake Parker (7/20/2017) - There was a moment in illustrator and cartoonist Jake Parker’s career, where this is what he, his wife and five children faced: “There was a summer there where we had no money. We went through savings. We had some food storage we saved for when times get hard, and we were like, “Let’s break out […]
  • “Risk is terrifying, but it is critical to finding success as an artist.” An interview with Tammy Greenwood (7/13/2017) - If you are a writer hoping to craft a career as an author, you are going to LOVE today’s story. I recently chatted with novelist Tammy Greenwood, who shared with me the harrowing journey to getting her 12th novel published. She and I last spoke a couple years back, in an interview titled “The “Terrifying […]
  • Making a living, while keeping the creative process pure – an interview with Jay Alders (7/5/2017) - How do you earn a full-time living as an artist, while raising three kids, and navigating through a failed business venture? Today we find out. Jay Alders is a professional artist, whose paintings, design work, and photography embodies the surf culture. But that alone is not what inspired me to interview him for the podcast. […]
  • Making a creative shift (6/30/2017) - Earlier this month, I quietly relaunched my podcast, sharing the stories of how successful creative professionals have made a shift in their lives and careers. The first three new episodes are now live: “I saw this as a reinvestment in myself” – an interview with author-illustrator Lori Richmond “I want to celebrate what we are […]
  • “Do you want to read a book, or do you want to have written a book?” – an interview with KJ Dell’Antonia (6/24/2017) - KJ Dell’Antonia made a huge shift in her career, giving up her career as a lawyer and New York City prosecutor to becoming a full-time writer. She became a columnist and contributing editor for the New York Times‘ Well Family page, amongst many other writing credentials. In this interview, we dig into the specific ways […]
  • “I want to celebrate what we are doing” – an interview with Colby Sharp (6/20/2017) - Colby Sharp is a teacher and advocate for the power of reading. In this interview, you will hear my incredulity Colby’s amazing enthusiasm and his many collaborations. In this discussion, we talk about: How a sense of celebration seems to permeate everything he does. How me manages being so public with his work, even though […]