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  • The “Terrifying Crisis” of Finding the Second Act to Her Writing Career. An Interview with Novelist Tammy Greenwood (3/26/2015) - How does a career novelist make ends meet and navigate her way through a mid-career slump? Today I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share this interview with Tammy Greenwood, author of nine novels. If you are a writer — especially if you are a novelist — I beg you to listen […]
  • The Pressure of Creating the Spectacular, An Interview With Jeremy Chernick (3/20/2015) - Today I am thrilled to share my interview with Jeremy Chernick, a special effects designer for Broadway productions, Cirque du Soleil projects, museum installations, music videos, TV, and film. Basically, Jeremy makes it snow, rain, burn, bleed and explode on stage. He has worked with J&M Special Effects since 2006. This interview is part of […]
  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi: “One thing I would tell my younger self is to not be afraid to take risks.” (3/12/2015) - Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes and illustrates books for young people. Her first picture book that she is writing and illustrating, Where Are My Books?, debuts from Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers in May 2015. She has illustrated two picture books by Michael Ian Black, as well as several Judy Blume reissue covers and […]
  • Betsy Bird: From “Invisible” Introvert to Author, Critic, Blogger and Librarian (3/5/2015) - How does one go from being a painfully shy child who barely spoke five words per day in school, to being a well-known children’s book blogger, librarian and author? In today’s interview, I chat with Betsy Bird, Youth Materials Specialist of New York Public Library who also runs the blog A Fuse #8 Production on […]
  • Becoming a Student of Your Own Creative Process (3/2/2015) - In this guest post for Writer Unboxed, I explore the value of how we develop the skills to master our own unique creative processes. “How do you best create? How do you best write, collaborate, increase the quality of your work, improve your ability to focus, or increase the quantity of output?” “What actions are […]
  • Andrea Lekberg: Preparing for Success (2/24/2015) - For the past six years, Andrea Lekberg has run The Artist Baker, a boutique bakery & cafe in Morristown, New Jersey. She graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago and The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, and has worked at a long list of notable bakeries and restaurants. She is also – of course […]
  • Angie Pickman: The Artist Who Answered the Question, “Why can’t I be doing this for a living?” (2/19/2015) - Angie Pickman took a big leap, and completely failed. She opened a restaurant in Brooklyn that bled money, and closed six months later. What she did after that moment is inspiring: she turned that failure into a new opportunity, and then made a massive shift to do the unthinkable: make a living as as a […]
  • The Benefits of Talking About My Book 1+ Years Before Publication (2/17/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers. When I announced that I am writing a book last month, I did so at a time that is likely two years before it is published. I have not yet queried agents, not yet signed with […]
  • Rachel Fershleiser: A Career Built on Enthusiasm (2/10/2015) - Today I’m speaking with Rachel Fershleiser, who describes herself this way, “I’m someone who gets really psyched about books on the internet, and I help others do it too.” I am so inspired by not just the scope of Rachel’s work over the years, but how much she is an enthusiastic champion for others. In […]
  • My Podcasting Equipment – Update! (2/9/2015) - This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers. Back in 2012, I began exploring podcasting, and purchased some audio equipment that would ensure a high quality listening experience. I shared the list of podcasting equipment I bought in this blog post, which included: Heil […]