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Does Building Your Audience Feel Like Herding Cats?

I recently shared a post on Writer Unboxed about how to develop one’s audience:

“You want to find a group of ideal readers for your books, but do you ever feel like you are herding cats?The truth is: your audience is unorganized. They do not stack neatly, they don’t always form logical groupings, and they do everything possible to obscure their tastes and behaviors from your view. Your audience is unorganized. It is your job to bring them together.

Read the full post here.


  • Patricia Striar Rohner

    i want people to want to pick up my book and ant to read it and enjoy the characters and message. i want a review that says read this novel, it is funny, moving, and well-written. now how can you help me do this???? Pat Rohner

    • Hi Patricia,
      Well, beyond crafting the best book you can, I would start with the very audiences you listed here, especially readers. Obsess about them. Analyze your own messaging and actions based on their needs and behaviors. If you really do what to discuss consulting, please feel free to reach out to me. dan@wegrowmedia.com Thanks!