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How to Serve & Grow a Community: The Scott Gould Interview

This week, I chatted with Scott Gould, founder of Like Minds, consultant, and speaker. You can find Scott on Twitter at @ScottGould, and his blog: ScottGould.me.

My goal is to share conversations with those doing interesting things in the world of publishing, media, and the web.

Click ‘play’ below to hear Scott’s experience in growing his community, and connecting the online world to the offline world.


  • Dan, was so good to talk.

    I've been thinking deeply about our discussion since and really realised that the mass idea of community is very out of line what with community is. I'll keep thinking!


    • Scott,
      Thanks, I enjoyed the conversation. It brought up a lot of things I am still considering as well!

  • Liked point about — Real world personal interaction plus post online interaction (one first or the other first followed by online communication); powerful community building: that is good way to revolutionize current traditional conferences…

  • Gwen

    Exciting; thanks for bringing Scott's work forward. These are great to listen to while I'm writing — spurs the creative thoughts. Gwen Mayes

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