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How to Successfully Promote Your Book: The Kevin Smokler Interview

This week, I chatted with Kevin Smokler, co-founder and CEO of BookTour.com. You can find Kevin on Twitter at @WeeGee.

My goal is to share conversations with those doing interesting things in the world of publishing, media, and the web.

Click ‘play’ below to hear Kevin’s thoughts on:

  • How authors can promote their books
  • Why authors need to be entrepreneurial
  • How an author should set their expectations for the success of their book
  • Why the author is the right person to market a book


  • Thank you, both; I learned so much. Appreciate you taking the time to share.

  • Kevin Smokler

    My pleasure!

  • Matteo Pistono

    What a great conversation…going right to booktour.com now to incorporate aspects into my upcoming book tour. I wanted to interrupt a few times with a couple questions. And, I could have used some of the points a few months ago in prep for the book tour but there is much to chew on here as I move forward! thank you! http://www.matteopistono.com

  • writersMAMA

    I tell my peeps all the time the industry has not changed–fundamentally–only the tools have changed—-in the 90’s, authors bought PR via similar data base companies that helped them get to radio, print press and brick/mortar book tours —-
    good interview.
    Marla Miller