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Robin Sullivan Interview – How to Make Six-Figures in Self-Publishing

I had the pleasure to speak with Robin Sullivan – founder, president of Ridan Publishing, publicist for author Michael J. Sullivan (her husband), and commentator on publishing in general. We discuss the following topics:

  • Why now is the best time to be a writer
  • How she is helping writers build stable writing careers, and significant income
  • Specific numbers as to how many books Michael is selling, and why
  • Tactics she has taken to build an audience and book sales for writers she works with

… and many other topics. Please watch the full interview below.

You can find Robin in the following places:

Thank you so much for Robin for such a wonderful chat!


  • Bob Mayer

    Interesting.  I sold over 60,000 eBooks in June and the numbers are increasing every week.  Also, I average $1.50 royalty overall per sale (2 titles at .99 as leads) most of the rest at $2.99 but all under $5.  As a ‘hybrid’ author, with an extensive backlist from traditional publishing, and my own small publishing company now, it is indeed the most exciting time to be an author.  I was on a panel at Thrillerfest and happened to mention that a title one of the editors on the same panel had reverted to me was currently the #2 science fiction bestesller on UK Amazon, behind Game of Thrones.  To say he was shocked was an understatement.  After all, it had had it’s “shot” with a mass market run, with zero publisher support and obviously I had failed.  I now sell more copies of my Area 51 series in one day in eBook than Random House could manage in six months. 
    If my sales just stay level for the next 10 months, if you do the math, you’re looking at 7 figures earned in a year.
    And I still have 8 more backlist titles to upload and 5 frontlist titles to release.

    • Bob – wow, thanks so much for sharing all this. 

  • Enjoyed listening to their experience. I’ve been both traditional and self published (McGraw Hill and my own PathBinder Publishing), and love the flexibility and control of doing them myself. I just launched a new book on Kindle this past week and it’s already a best seller in three categories, and I know what she means about rankings! I am receiving a lot of requests for it in paperback, so that has inspired me to do so…there’s that flexibility! Interestingly enough, Amazon  linked John Locke’s How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in Five Months with my book…I’ve emailed with John quite a bit – he walks his talk.

  • Hello. Can I put in a
    good word for the many self-published authors who are really fun to
    read but make only a dollar or two here and there? I love discovering
    these. There is so much interesting work being written and published
    now. It’s a very exciting time.

  • Thanks, Robin, for the Fifth Avenue mention and also for a great interview with Dan.  It’s been a pretty incredible year; this interview was a nice part of it.