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With Greater Choice, You Have To Focus On High Quality

When your audience and customers have greater choice, you have to focus on differentiating yourself with higher quality.

I was reading a blog post by Jason Fry about his decision to no longer purchase comic books at his local store, and instead buy digital editions.

He makes good points about how much more competitive the marketplace is now for publishers and writers. And it aligns with attitudes that folks like Rachelle Gardner and Porter Anderson have been discussing.

Have a great day!

  • Standards are so important in my opinion. As I’m doing my business plan my core values and positioning, etc are taking centre stage, and quality is a huge consideration. I’m not sure if i’ll ever reach my perfection (ph the joys of never accepting true happiness ), but by keep striving for it I will hopefully get close each and every time.

    I’ve also had the unfortunate thing of being abused by some very old school companies, who say they are about quality, but clearly have no idea what this actually means. It quite frankly drives me crazy!!

    Matt (Turndog Millionaire)

    • Thanks Matt. There is so much value in the process you are going through – overtly writing down your strategic plan, and how that aligns to the meaning you want to create in the world, and for yourself. 

      I wrote a post about mission statements that may reflect some of what you experienced of companies talking of high quality, but not living up to them:


      • That’s a great article and absolutely spot on. I see it as Vision, Mission & Core Values. It’s what I constantly talk about, and for me it is the What & Why you do it, The How you’ll do it, and the Who you are.

        Start swaying from these and you’re in trouble, but they are only words until you make them happen.

        Say it and fail, and well, good luck in the future because people don’t stand for it anymore. Or at least that’s how society is going forward

        Why stick with a company who lies to you when there a million alternatives out there. That’s the 21st Century and that’s why I love the modern world we love in, well, for the most part anyway 🙂


        • I think this is a larger conversation!!! 🙂 
          There is a big message portrayed in lots of places of people “just being lucky to have a job.” It’s a different ethos entirely from the one you mention. And you have to consider: who benefits from that mentality.

          • I agree, I think we’ve found our Skype conversation subject 🙂

            And It’s too true, especially in the current climate where jobs are at a few. Businesses walk around with too much power, and it’s the employees and more importantly, the customers who suffer the most

            You mention Zappos a lot, a business I’ve never had  first hand experiences with, but their ethos is what the modern day is all about. People like fun experiences, even for things that are quite boring and everyday (like buying shoes)