When Everyone Has A Platform, Your Job Is To Create Meaning

With everyone jumping on social media, it can be very hard to stand out. Many people are concerned with appearing “active” on social media. So they research the best practices, and do the minimum expected of them. They also feel pressure to be present on a wide range of social networks, so they split their creative energy – 25% here, 25% there, etc.

What happens is that they do nothing 100%. They do nothing exceptionally well.

I would much rather see someone go 100% on one platform and really hit it out of the park, than lamely do 20% here, 10% there.

The goal here is to create meaning in the lives of others. That if you have something important to share, if you have ways you want to align with others who have a similar passion – then you have to go beyond the most basic expectations. You have to find small ways to delight and amaze people.

View the video above for more details.
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