A “Break” from Platform

This is part of the Bittersweet Book Launch case study, where Dan Blank and Miranda Beverly-Whittemore share the yearlong process of launching her novel. You can view all posts here.

by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

My final final FINAL draft of Bittersweet is due to Crown on August 1st. After reading my most recent revision aloud, I had a few major changes I wanted to make and lots of little nit-picky ones. I just spent the last day and a half going through the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb (why are all these lice metaphors coming up?), and just spent the better part of the day organizing an excel spreadsheet so I can make these changes methodically. This task seemed totally humorless, that is until I finally assembled all the factual assertions, big and small, that I’d like to re-authenticate before they go into a book with my name on it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the many ridiculous things I now need to research on the internet:

make sure I have yawls and catches right
when was Fallujah? Did Jackson fight there?
did the Marines fight in Fallujah?
do walnuts = anaphalactic shock?
11/61 LIFE, 1987 LLBEAN, 1972 Town & Country
┬áHistorical accuracy of Agnes’s surgeon stuff
How far is 20 meters? Right for a swimming dock?
Boston Whalers really loud?
back of the yacht = stern?
Bankruptcy papers- historical accuracy
cliff a hundred feet above the water? Would that kill him?
how far is 10 yards? Are we measuring in meters or yards?
When did the Humane Society start isuing calendars?
Could they even get a marriage certificate?
when is the sunrise in late July 2010?
tongue lolling- consistent with strangulation?
how far John fell- 100 feet?
Moon calendar- a sliver of moon in the first week of august 2010?
what road are they on?/ New Hampshire town- still in NH?
size of the van Gogh (3 feet long/ two feet high)
What would the document that names the heirs be called- a constitution?
solitary herons not a problem, are they?