Appreciate The Journey, The Destination May Be Different Than You Think

We rush.

Moving towards our goals.

We write our books.

Craft our songs.

We pursue our creative journey.

Push our foot down a little more on the gas pedal, hoping to shave off another 5 minutes from the trip.

We envision what it will be like when we arrive.

We tell ourselves stories of the future, becoming blind to the present moment.

We work harder, and dance less frequently.

We struggle, we wait for the “payoff” down the road.

As I work with writers, trying hard to find an agent, get a book deal, and establish an audience, I am reminded.

As I take a walk with my 1.5 year old son, I am reminded.

Appreciate the journey.

Not “when,” but “now.”

Bands struggle for success, yet look back fondly on the early days.

When they had drive, and unknown potential, and a dreamy sense of what could be.

The time before they found “success,” which was different than they expected, making them question why they wanted it in the first place.

My friend Jane Friedman shared this quote to me: “The most disappointed writers I know are not the unpublished, but those who have been published.”

Her point is that the destination may let you down.

That “success” may not be what you expect.

That you must appreciate the journey – be it in art – in your profession – or your personal life.

Today is the day.

The moment.

That matters.

Look around you.

Find the faces.

Appreciate what is. Not just what could be.