Author Website Essentials

I want to invite you to a free 5-day program I am running from February 18 – 22 called Author Website Essentials. Each day, I will share a video that walks you through the purpose of an author website, the essentials you need, what content to share, and how to create (or optimize) a minimum viable website. This program will be as useful to authors who currently have a website, but want to improve it, as it will be for writers who don’t yet have one. Just join my private Facebook Group to access it all.

In this program, I will share practical tips based on my work with authors. Let me give you some background…

Over the past 20 years, I have worked on hundreds of websites. I was a part of the first dot com boom working for startups in the late 90s and early 2000s when the web felt like the wild west. From there, I worked closely on the web strategy for 50+ publications, including Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. I dug deep into web analytics, helped launch 300 blogs for these brands, plus set up newsletters, social media, and connected it all to each brands’ editorial mission and business strategy.

For the last nine years my full-time focus has been working directly with authors here at WeGrowMedia, where I have built, optimized and set strategy for hundreds of them, and helped train many other writers to develop aspects of their own websites.

But there is something I keep in mind amidst all of this background: I want your author website to be simple. It should serve a clear function to you, the author, and to your ideal audience of readers.

Everything I share in the free Author Website Essentials program is meant to give you clarity and actionable steps to understand:

  • Your website’s purpose.
  • The key elements your website needs and why.
  • Setting a content strategy for it (which may include blogging, a newsletter, and more.)
  • Tech essentials to get your site launched or optimized.

Of course, I’ll be doing a Q&A during the program as well to answer your questions. To access all of this from Feb 18-22, join my ‘Reader Connection Project‘ Facebook group.

Oh, and please spread the word to other writers. Your support means so much to me. Thanks!