Barbara Vey Interview – Creating a Community Around a Blog

I had the pleasure of speaking with Barbara Vey, Contributing Editor at Publishers Weekly with her blog: Beyond Her Book. Barbara has built an amazing community around her blog, which focuses on women’s fiction. If you are wondering how you can create an engaging blog – one that really brings people together – you should hear Barbara’s story.

We cover the following topics:

  • How Barbara builds her audience and deepens her connection to them.
  • How she has brought others in to help create blog content.
  • How she got more than 22,000 blog comments in a single week.
  • The value of meeting people in-person, not just online.
  • And many other topics!

You can watch the full interview by clicking the play button below:

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You can find Barbara in the following places:

Thanks so much to Barbara for taking the time to chat!