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By Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

We’re less than two months out, people! And all these little pieces are falling into place. I know I’ve published before, but sometimes it feels like an eon ago- the world has changed so much since 2007, in broad ways (how the internet has changed what a writer can do to promote her book!) and small (bookplates!).

My marketing superstar, Jessica, suggested that Crown could make me some bookplates. And I was thrilled! But then I realized I kind of didn’t understand how bookplates work. See, back in 2007, bookplates weren’t a “thing.” I guess they’re a thing now. Here’s what she explained:

“You can offer them in your e-newsletter. You can tell folks to pre-order the book, and that you’ll send them a signed bookplate to put in it.” She gave me a few other good examples of how we’d use them- and I realized how cool it is that people many more readers can now have access to a signed book than they could the last time I was published.

Also, I signed them during family movie night, when Fraulein Maria was getting married. That was pretty great too.