Build a Career Around Your Craft

For years I have worked with authors who want to build a firmer foundation for their career, and to earn more money in the process. Through this work, I have realized there are so many more creative professionals with the same goals: artists, photographers, designers, photographers, musicians, social entrepreneurs, and so many others. They have similar dreams, and wrestle with the same challenges.

Speaking with them has had me reflect on my own experience. I have been an artist, a poet, a musician, a paper sculptor, a writer, a publisher, a photographer, a teacher, a radio DJ, a cartoonist, a designer and an entrepreneur.

In 2010, at the height of the recession, my corporate job ended. My wife and I re-assessed our goals and took a huge leap: I started my company, we had a child, and she quit her tenured job as a teacher. (If you want to hear the full story, please check out my essay on The National Endowment for the Arts website.)

Since that time, I have pushed myself beyond creative and professional boundaries, supported my family for more than five years, purchased our house, and spent every single day building memories with my wife and son while working from home.

I have also spent those years working with hundreds of creative professionals — not just reading about their challenges and goals, but partnering with them, getting in the trenches and helping them blaze a new path for their craft and career.

This week I am excited to share that my online course Become a Creative Professional kicks off on April 27th. This program is designed to help you build a career around the work you love.

For the next few days, I’m offering a 20% discount code: CPEARLYBIRD (expires Tuesday April 7th). Full course details and registration can be found here:

If you struggle with the following challenges, then this course may be for you:

  • Feel your career has stalled — you want to take things to the next level to find new opportunities.
  • Want to earn more money while working on creative projects full-time.
  • Are looking to build a business that honors your professional, creative, and personal goals, but not burn you out.
  • Seeking insights to better manage your time.
  • Confused by what to charge for your creative work, and how to develop a customer base.
  • Want to learn the reality behind what it means to run a creative business.
  • Looking to establish a structured process for getting your work out into the world.
  • In need of a process to manage feelings of overwhelm, fear, and anxiety around building a creative business.
  • Searching for clarity around your goals, actions, and the path forward.

Over the course of four weeks, we dig into ways for you to:

  • Focus your vision
  • Work smarter
  • Manage your fear
  • Earn revenue from your craft

What’s more, we do this together. One of the things I hear most often from people is that they feel alone while working through these challenges. That changes the moment you sign up for the course.

Each lesson comes with homework assignments focused on producing results. I am there each week with you to provide feedback on your homework, and guide you along the way. The course becomes completely personalized to your goals and challenges.

You also gain access to a private Facebook group where other students in the course, as well as alumni, share their ideas and advice to help ensure you gain momentum. This is where you form relationships with other classmates who are working through the exact same challenges and toward the same goals that you are.

The course is managed not only by my, but by the wonderful teaching assistant Lorraine Watson, who will be moderating the Facebook group conversations, and by Diane Krause, who will ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.


In other words, this isn’t shovelware, dumping a PDF on you like a bomb, then running away, leaving you alone to figure it all out.

I developed this course material last fall, and ran a beta group of 35+ creative professionals who worked through it. The results were inspiring. We are going back into the material now to ensure that we offer even more value for this next session.

If you have dreamed of earning a living from your craft, please consider checking out this course. The early-bird discount code CPEARLYBIRD expires on Tuesday, April 7th.

Full course details and registration can be found here:

Thank you.