Human-Centered Book Marketing Strategies & Tactics: My Interview With Jessica Lahey

What happens when a celebrity with 11 million followers tells them all that she loves your book? Today, author Jessica Lahey and I discuss that exact situation, and dig deep into the tactics and strategies of book marketing.

Some highlights of our conversation:

  • The specific things Jess did (and didn’t) do in the days after the celebrity shared Jess’s book.
  • How she continues to actively market her book 3+ years after publication. She framed this in some truths in publishing, that aren’t often talked about: “A couple weeks after your book comes out, your publicist is done.” What that meant is that Jess made sure that she took action so that she feels her book has the best chance of success.
  • Why after she signed her book deal, but before the book came out, Jess sent 2,000 letters to people she hoped would bring her in for a public speaking opportunity on the topics of the book.
  • The importance of thank you notes, and how she decides when she sends them.
  • How she created a database of contacts for potential speaking gigs, and how she leverages it to connect with more people around her book.
  • Why she sends out free books at her own expense, all the time.
  • The reasons she makes time to co-host a podcast (the #amwriting podcast.)
  • Why she thought it was important to show her publisher that she would “work her guts out” to promote her book, and how this benefited her next book deal.
  • How luck factors into book promotion.
  • And so much more!

Everything that Jess shared focused on meaningful connections with real people. She does so much to promote her book, and the effects have been incredible! She connects with the people who she feels would love her book, she does it consistently, and she follows through on a wide range of strategies and tactics to do so. It was so inspiring to talk to Jess about all of this.

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Jessica is the author of the book The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, and the co-host of the #AmWriting podcast. You can find her online at:
Twitter: @jesslahey
Instagram: @teacherlahey

How Boston’s GrubStreet Went From Teaching 8 Writers Per Year, to 6,000+, with Eve Bridburg

Each year, Boston’s GrubStreet offers more than 600 courses and programs for writers. They began in 1997 with 8 students, and today, they serve more than 6,000 writers per year. In this episode, I talk to GrubStreet Founder and Executive Director Eve Bridburg. We dig into how she and the GrubStreet team make decisions, take risks, and challenge themselves to expand how they can serve writers throughout the Boston Community. 

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You can find Eve and GrubStreet in the following places:
Twitter: @EveBridburg and @GrubWriter

A Book Launch Case Study, with Author Audrey Monke

Earlier this year, author Audrey Monke and I talked about her plans for her upcoming book launch. I knew that she had been preparing for it for months — even years — ahead of time. But I waited to have her on the podcast, because I didn’t just want to discuss what she was planning, but also the results! Today I’m excited to share with you that conversation. We dig into serious details on her book launch strategy and results! Audrey is the author of Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults.

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Her book, Happy Campers
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“You have to be willing to begin again”, My Interview with Literary Agent Lori Kilkelly

In this episode of The Creative Shift Podcast, I talk with literary agent Lori Kilkelly about two creative shifts that she made in her career. The first is when she left a successful career in advertising and sales pursue a career in publishing, starting as an intern. The next one is more recent, the launch of her own agency: LK Literary Agency. 

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Getting Out of a Creative Rut

Today I want to share my process for getting out of a creative rut. So many writers and creators I speak with struggle to develop the habits they need to feel fulfilled in what they create, I wanted to share my way of staying on track. In this episode I also mention my next Creative Shift Mastermind which begins July 1:

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