You Have to Risk it All: Inside the Harrowing Creative Shift of Jennie Nash

Jennie NashOne of my favorite quotes is from Bono reflecting on the transition U2 made in their music from the 1980s to 1990s: “You have to reject one expression of the band first, before you get to the next expression. And in between you have nothing. You have to risk it all.” Today I share an extraordinarily honest interview with book coach Jennie Nash who is making a profound creative shift with her business. Her story applicable to every writer or artist who dares to create and release it to the world.

Jennie gets really honest here about the realities of running a business and taking risks. It’s often a scary place to go to as a business owner and may be even scarier to hear as a client of that business, but it’s valuable to look these realities in the face. It’s the only way to ensure that the people you do business with are aligned with your values. Jennie is a person who values honesty and integrity, and she is also deeply committed to serving her customers and clients.

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Social Media for Writers

Writers have felt an intense pressure over the past decade to jump into social media. I’ve worked with thousands of writers on this, so I understand why many are for it, many are against it, and most are stuck somewhere between the two. They are interested, but apprehensive. They ask, “Will it actually lead to book sales?” The answer? Nope. But social media does so much more for writers. In today’s podcast I want to discuss the benefits of social media for writers. I also invite you to join me in a weeklong training I am doing in my Facebook Group called “The Reader Connection Project.” Each day January 20-24 I’ll be sharing a video with my advice, and I’ll be doing a Q&A at the end of the week to answer all of your questions.

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How a Major Career Shift Led to 8 Book Deals. My Interview with Illustrator & Author Aura Lewis

Aura LewisToday I’m excited to share my podcast interview with illustrator and author Aura Lewis. She shares her story of making a huge career shift to focus on the arts, how she developed her first book, got a book deal, and then in the last year signed deals for 6 additional books!

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Some of what we discuss in the interview:

  • How she made two shifts in her career: “I was almost going to become a therapist, but made sharp turn to become a graphic designer. I worked in that field for 7 years. But it wasn’t really aligned with what I wanted to do. It took me awhile and a lot of different experimentations to realize I wanted to do illustration. That was a huge shift. It came out of the process of trusting my intuition and the voice saying ‘do this'”
  • The idea for her first book began as a project in graduate school.She said: “I didn’t know if it was good enough to be a book, but I knew it was good enough to show people.”
  • She found her agent through her own network, reconnecting with a colleague she hadn’t seen in years.
  • Even though she was getting her degree, she dug into research into the children’s book market through online research and podcasts, saying “I wanted to give myself the education I didn’t feel I was getting.”
  • Aura embraced collaborators as she developed her book, and she said it made a huge difference.
  • She describes how luck and timing are a part of this process, but of course, the entire interview showcase show much work she has done to be ready for the right moment when it happened.
  • How she handles social media, even though she is an introvert.
  • Describing the career path of illustration and authorship: “”It’s scary, no one ever promises you another book.”
  • She discussed how she schedules her time in terms of writing and illustration and managing projects with the rest of her life. She spends 9am – 2pm doing the bulk of her work, then schedules appointments and social engagements after 2pm when she has less creative energy.
  • … and so much more!

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Instagram: @auralewis
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Lessons From 10-Years of Running a Full-Time Creative Business

I’m celebrating 10 years of running my business, WeGrowMedia, full-time. In that decade, I have worked with thousands of writers and made space for creativity in my daily life. Today I want to reflect on what that decade has taught me, and how I am using that to set my goals for this year, and for the next decade.

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Why you should join a mastermind group

Today I review what I have learned in running a mastermind group for writers and artists for the past four years, and why you should consider joining one yourself. I also mention my Creative Shift Mastermind:

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