Effectively promoting your work

How do you effectively promote your work — your book, your art, your your business? I have been working with New York Times bestselling author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore to give you a behind the scenes look at what this process looks like. So far, we have published five pieces on the topic, including:

Our goal was to be as transparent as possible in the process, sharing real-world examples, not pithy platitudes or examples that only worked years ago. All of this is what Miranda is doing in real-time to grow her career and ensure her book is a success.

Yesterday Miranda and I walked the High Line in New York City and discussed the launch process for her upcoming novel, June, which will be released on May 31. (Here is a video of our walk.)

Something I obsess about is the reality of what creative success looks like vs. merely the perception. Miranda is unbelievably generous and honest in sharing her process. I talk about the value of collaboration a lot, and she is a wonderful example of a collaborator.