Ensure Your Writing Has An Impact

Every day, I am honored to work with writers – those who are trying to realize their creative vision, forge a new identity, and actively contribute to our culture. I am so lucky to spend my days with these folks!

But the truth is, a lot of writers are scared – the publishing industry is changing so much, the demands on them are increasing – that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. They have a vision for their career as a writer, but it seems distant. There is a chasm between the words they type on the screen and the they hope to have in others via their writing.

This week I profiled how one writer found her audience:
Author Platform Lessons from #1 New York Times Bestseller Rebecca Skloot

Rebecca’s story is powerful, and shows how her passion for a story took her on a nearly 10 year journey to becoming a bestseller. How she focused intently on not just writing the book and getting it published (a major feat unto itself), but obsessing over how to connect with her audience and developing the relationships she needed to do so. She was inventive and filled with what I can only call “gumption.”

This week I am opening the doors to the next session of my flagship online course for writers: BUILD YOUR AUTHOR PLATFORM. For six weeks, I work closely with a group of writers in the course to help them develop their audience and grow their writing career.The results we are looking for is not to just “increase Twitter followers,” but to truly impact others in positive ways with their writing, and to build a legacy for their work.

If you are a writer, or know of someone who is, please consider sharing information about this course, it is something I really put my heart into. The course runs from October 31 – December 18 and details can be found here. Thanks.