Do you have a creative vision that seems to be falling flat, failing to engage an audience of enthusiastic fans? Have you worked hard to develop an audience, but still feel like you haven’t reached your potential?

In this free webinar, I will explore the biggest challenges that writers and creative professionals face in finding and engaging their audience, and some of the best solutions.

Join me on Tuesday, January 13 at 2 p.m. (EST), where we will cover:

  1. How your voice is the best tool you can use to develop and connect with your audience.
  2. How most writers fail to do the most basic research in identifying their audience, and we cover key ways to do so.
  3. How crafting moments of connection is critical to not just having an audience of “followers,” but developing relationships with people who will truly support your work.
  4. Why you need a proactive marketing plan, not just something you throw together a month before the launch of your next book.

There will be an open Q&A at the end, where you can submit questions for me to respond to live on that webinar.

I will also be providing a preview of my next online course which is where we partner to truly work through these challenges and solutions: Get Read: Embrace & Engage Your Audience, which begins January 20th.

If you’ve resolved to grow your audience in 2015, join me on Tuesday, January 13 at 2 p.m. (EST) to take that first step toward renewing your creative vision.

You can sign up for the free webinar here:




About Dan Blank

Dan BlankWell, there are my professional credentials:

  • I have worked with hundreds of authors and creative professionals. My days are spent in the trenches with creators – none of this is theory to me – it is always framed in the everyday reality of what truly works for connecting to an engaged audience.
  • I have worked with some of the biggest names in publishing; folks such as Random House, Hachette Book Group, Abrams Books, Workman Publishing, Writers House, The Kenyon Review, and many others. I have also worked with a wide range of large companies and small businesses.
  • Oh, and there’s the technical stuff: that I have helped launch hundreds of blogs, I’ve built lots of websites, and consulted on social media strategy with huge organizations that serve creative professionals. Plus, I have run my own company for years, meaning that I have had to become the master of hundreds of tiny technical details for “getting out there.”
  • I have spoken at some of the biggest publishing conferences out there, including BookExpo, Digital Book World, AWP, Romance Writers of America, Thrillerfest, and many others.
  • The core of what I do is help creative professionals develop their skills – to help instruct and truly be there to help you work through challenges. My goal is not to “bestow information” to you – there’s plenty of that out there. My methodology is to work WITH you to really figure out the hard stuff.

But I think what is equally important is that my days are spent with writers and creative professionals, and my entire life has been spent surrounded by creators hoping to make their mark. As for myself, I have been an artist, a poet, a musician, a paper sculptor, a writer, a publisher, a photographer, a teacher, a radio DJ, a cartoonist, and an entrepreneur. You can read my full bio here.