Have a ‘Customer Strategy,’ not a ‘Social Media Strategy’

Marketing Job Wire just posted an interview with me, asking for advice for young marketing professionals. Below is an excerpt of how I feel marketers should integrate social media into their overall strategies:

Social media not about the technology, it’s about what it enables. The goal is not to have a Twitter strategy, but have a customer strategy… which means you are always listening to and connecting with your customers no matter which platform you use.

Young marketing professionals need to move away from the broadcast-only model of marketing, whereby the goal is to blast your message to the widest audience possible. Social media has allowed us to serve the needs of customers, instead of simply interrupting them with your pitch.

The most important characteristic a marketer needs is quite simple: Care about your community, their needs and what motivates them. Find ways to enable them to reach their goals.

Social media is about being open and taking action. Start small, stay focused, and measure your effectiveness.

For young marketers just starting out, remember that the value you create for others will shape your career more than the value you create for only yourself. This means connect with people, help them realize their goals, and do so with passion.

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