How Social Media Disrupts (But Unlocks Revenue)

I watched a short video this morning where a Hollywood producer/manager describes how social media has destroyed the proprietary business of growing a celebrity brand, and in doing so, unlocked more revenue streams.

This is a common theme – how online media is disruptive, but unlocks so much value. That even though established systems and power structures are being rattled, it doesn’t mean that everything is trading dimes for dollars.

Most people like to look back on a time of transition and think “If only I had been born then, I would have seized opportunity.” What if you could have helped establish Hollywood, what if you could have bought prime property in New York City decades ago, what if you could have bought Apple stock when it traded at $7.

But this is the opportunity we have today – to not look at online media as a disruption to established business models, but as an opportunity. What we are continuing to see again and again are ways that online media is maturing, and revenue models being created.

When businesses approach it as a “yes or no” question, they miss the point. The web is no longer an option. The question is merely how many resources will you put towards experimenting, towards unlocking value.