How to Become a Bestselling, Full-Time Novelist — It’s SO Easy!

Since I teach a lot of online courses, I tend to seek out and study other online training offers. These may be blog posts, courses, webinars, workshops, conferences, and so much else.

Many of these appear to be very high quality, full of value. But it’s also not uncommon for me to see:

  • People selling incredible results with a minimal amount of effort.
  • People basing their training programs on what amounts to a “case study of one.” For example, they landed on Amazon’s Top 100 list with three of their books, and will now show you how to do it with yours.

In my guest post for Writer Unboxed, I dig into the distinction between what I often seen “sold” to writers vs. the reality of how success happens for professional writers.

Read the post here.