I’m hiring an intern (and you should too)

I’m hiring an intern to join me here on the WeGrowMedia team. I want to tell you a bit about that, plus I want to go further and encourage you to hire interns of your own.

Crazy, right?!

Let’s dig in…

Join My Team!

I am hiring a paid intern to join WeGrowMedia! This is a “virtual” internship, meaning you can do 100% of the work from home, or wherever you are. Do you work best from the beach at 10pm? That’s fine by me.

These are some of the skills I am looking for in an intern. Do you need to have them ALL? Nope.

  • A designer. You know how to use Photoshop and other design programs, you obsess over fonts. I could give you a boring looking checklist and you can turn it into a beautifully designed worksheet.
  • Comfy with web design. You know how to manage WordPress websites, and do some basic customization. If you have deeper web development skills, that’s awesome, but not required.
  • Social media is your friend. You know how to Tweet, Facebook doesn’t turn your stomach, and Instagram sounds fun.
  • Thoughtful and caring communication skills. To me, success is entirely about relationships — with me, with my clients, with creative professionals. And relationships require positive helpful communication.
  • Enthusiasm (Because this should be fun, right?)

The internship is from from August 22 – December 31, 2016. I would estimate 5-10 hours per week, and yes, it is a paid internship.

If you or someone you know may be interested, please check out this page for ALL THE DETAILS about the internship and how to apply.

Create Your Own Team!

Since I know that only a small percentage of you will apply for the internship, I wanted to also encourage to hire interns yourself. Why do this? Loads of reasons:

  • The number one thing I hear from writers and creative professionals is that they wish they had more time in the day. People are overwhelmed. By hiring an intern, you are literally buying more hours in your day. More hours to attend to the many aspects of what it means for you to get your creative work done and share it with the world.
  • Instead of mastering everything, create processes to master (and manage) everything. This is what professionals do: they slice off small tasks and train others to do them. This system becomes something sustainable even as life throws you curveballs.


  • It just feels great to support others. A client of mine not only just released his memoir, but also opened his first store, which serves affordable healthy food to those in south LA. The New York Times covered it (see photo to the right), and look at who they put on the cover of their Business section: not Sam, but the local father than Sam hired to manage the store. Sam is changing this guy’s life by giving him a job. A job that has already landed him in The New York Times. I mean, how amazing is that?! Do you know how many people would be thrilled to earn $10 or $15 per hour working from home? So many! Consider if there is some tiny way you can begin this, even hiring someone for three hours per week, working virtually.

If you want to know more about my process of hiring interns so that you can consider it for yourself, and even replicate my process, please read these other posts I have written on the topic:

It’s one thing to invest in your career by buying a tool (such as a computer or software), or even buying knowledge via a course. But it is something else entirely to invest in yourself and your creative vision by investing in others. To be in it together, and know that you are helping to make a small contribution to support them.

If you could hire a virtual intern for five hours per week, what would you have them do?