I’m Hiring

I’m hiring a social media assistant to join me at WeGrowMedia! This is a “virtual” position, meaning you can do 100% of the work from home, or wherever you are. Do you work best from the beach? That’s fine by me.

I work with writers and artists and think these people are AMAZING. If you do too, then please keep reading…

What Will You Be Doing?

I’m looking for someone with design skills to create content for social media and other channels that truly helps writers and artists. The ideal candidate would have these primary skills:

  • Knows Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter inside out. You can help craft social media updates that truly help people in compelling ways. 
  • Has design skills. You can use Canva or Photoshop or something similar, with ease.

The following would be ideal secondary skills. They are “nice to haves” for the position:

  • Enjoys copywriting — mostly for social media, worksheets, etc. 
  • Can create an editorial calendar for social media and related channels (blog, podcast, etc.)
  • Can manage a project without needing constant prodding from me. Actually, it would be great if you managed it so well that you were prodding me — keeping me on task. 
  • May have some kind of background in branding/marketing.

Experience with the following software is a plus, but not 100% required:

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Mac software
  • Canva
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Photography skills
  • Video skills
  • Any kind of artistic background — a plus!

But, by far, the most important qualification is that you truly care about writers and artists. Thoughtful communication skills are critical here. To me, success is entirely about relationships — with me, with and with the writers and artists I serve. All relationships require positive helpful communication.

Compensation & Details

This is a paid part-time position, 10-20 hours per week to start. I pay $15 per hour. You would be working as an independent contractor.

As I mentioned, this position is 100% virtual, you can work from wherever you are. You can largely work your own hours, though being available AM east coast time would be preferred (I’m an early riser!)  We will meet once per week via Skype, and then use other systems (email and Slack) to communicate and track projects.

Please DON’T Apply If…

If this is “just work” for you, please don’t apply. Take a look around this website if you want to get a sense of what I do, and why I do it. Basically, I spend my days working with writers and artists, which means I work with people who do magic: they create worlds, they solve problems, they are the music-makers. They are infinitely inspiring to me. If these folks don’t inspire you, please don’t apply.

How to Apply

To apply, please email me at dan@wegrowmedia.com with the subject line: “Dan! Hire Me!”

Please include the following:

  • A couple lines on who you are, why this position interests you, and where in the world you are. I’ll be clear here: I care more about WHO you are (your personality, your voice) than a long list of boring keywords that you often find on the cover letter for a job application. Bonus points if you submit a video of yourself explaining this!
  • Any links that you WANT to share to your social media profiles, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, website, etc.
  • Something that communicated your background and experience. It can be a resume or link to your LinkedIn profile, but it can also just be your website.

What the Last Person Who Held This Position Says About Working With Me…

Here are five reasons why the person who previously held this position thinks you should apply right now:

  1. Experience with a capital E: You know how job postings often promote experience when they really mean, “you’re going to make fabulous coffee and sit quietly in some meetings”. This is NOT going to be you during this job. Over the course of my work with WeGrowMedia I helped launch several courses, designed worksheets, built sales pages, and created a platform for an online summit. There was never a moment that I didn’t feel like I was expanding my knowledge, and the only coffee I made was for my sweet, sweet self.
  2. Collaboration is key: From the first moment I jumped into WeGrowMedia work, I felt like part of the team. My ideas were listened to. I was a part of conversations dissecting what worked, what didn’t work, and what we should do next. Even though we weren’t meeting face-to-face, we communicated better than most in-person offices.
  3. Choose your own adventure: There was never a conversation with Dan where he didn’t at some point include the words, “if you have any ideas, let me know”. If I had an idea that was different than what Dan had requested, he welcomed my different point of view. I was able to bring my own special skills to the table and they were welcomed openly.
  4. Virtual reality: Let me paint you a picture of one of my work sessions: I was sitting on the front steps as the sun was setting over the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I had glass of rich red wine beside me, creating a sales page for a new course launch that I was so excited to be a part of. Swoon. Okay – so I can’t promise you the Rockies, but a virtual work environment means that you design your own office however you like.
  5. You can say “lol” and mean it: Behind the scenes at WeGrowMedia is a hoot. This job is fun and the witty banter is top notch.

About Dan Blank and WeGrowMedia

This is me:

Dan Blank

I work in a (beautiful) private studio in New Jersey. I have been running WeGrowMedia for the past 8 years. My days are spent working with writers and artists, helping them to get clarity on their creative work, and to ensure their work truly reaches an audience.

You can read my official bio and background here. You can see 2,000 photos of things I care about on my Instagram.