In between, you have everything

A quote that has resonated with me more than any other in the past few years is one by Bono. This is how he described U2’s process for reinventing the band in 1990 when they moved on from their “earnest” persona of The Joshua Tree to the forward-thinking Achtung Baby!:

“You have to reject one expression of the band first, before you get to the next expression. And in between you have nothing. You have to risk it all.”

A few weeks ago, I talked about how I view this period of my life — this month — as a threshold. My wife and I are expecting our second child any day now. I recently published my first book. And this month I have been working with my team to analyze and rebuild my business from the ground up. The goal is not to disrupt, but to radically improve the three things I offer:

  • My consulting process
  • My mastermind group
  • What I share in my newsletter, social media, and videos

I resonated with Bono’s quote because I felt it concisely communicated how terrifying this process can be. How when you are in the middle of a threshold, it can feel full of risk. As you cast away the safety of the life you knew, you can feel vulnerable. It doesn’t take long for your mind to run away with visions of utter failure. For instance, a friend shared this Tweet… 12,000 people “liked” it because they could relate:

But for the first time, I am reconsidering Bono’s quote, and reframing it in my head to:

“In between, you have EVERYTHING.”

As I stand on this threshold, as I consider the possibilities of welcoming our son into the world. As I receive emails from those who are reading my book and taking action based on it, I see the possibilities for how it will affect others in a positive way. As I roll out the improvements to my mastermind and consulting, I realize that everything is possible.

That, while there is risk and fear, what I am investing in is potential.

I would love if you wrote back to me and let me know: what is one small action you can take this month that leads you to a threshold: a place where you will feel fear, but that leads to potential for you and those around you.