Is the Momentum of Your Writing Career Too Much to Manage?

Today I want to talk about the “problem of success.” That point when all of your efforts to develop a platform starts setting things in motion. When you finally get that sense of momentum, when people engage with you, when people start asking things of you. How do you balance the needs of your writing, the needs of your own platform (blogging, social media, etc), marketing opportunities, and community engagement? And how do you do so while still honoring the other needs in your life: family, friends, personal wellness, your day job if you have one, mowing the lawn, etc?

With some of the successful authors I am working with, I find that momentum is both an INCREDIBLE opportunity, and a challenge as well. That a lot is asked of their time, and they are forced to make decisions on a daily basis as to who to say yes to, and what opportunities cannot be addressed at this moment.

This is a topic that is very important to me, and one that I am doing a lot of behind the scenes work on with a new project. Stay tuned…

The video above explains this all in greater detail.