Join me

I have 5 slots open for a personal mastermind with me, and I want to tell you about it. This is a tiny group — 15 people total — and is 100% focused on engagement (with me, and with others in the group.) It’s called the Creative Action Mastermind, and it runs from January 1st to March 31st, 2017. It’s a virtual group — everything happens via private online collaboration tools — meaning you can join us from wherever you are. Within it, we focus on helping you:

  • Make progress to turn your creative intentions in 2017 into actions.
  • Create momentum with your creative vision, while living up to your many personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Break down big milestones and goals into smaller steps that you can begin taking right now.
  • Stay accountable to the work that matters most to you, but in a way that is filled with caring and support.
  • Find balance in your craft and business, and invest in developing your audience.
  • Develop the habits that lead to productive creative work, with a sense of fulfillment.

This is not a course — it is a collaboration. A mastermind group is traditionally a group of like-minded people who come together to help one another brainstorm and focus. You do not get loads of course material. Instead, you are given a structure by which to collaborate with me and others in the mastermind. Nothing else. This is about action. Period.

You don’t have to show up anywhere on any particular day or time (I understand you are too busy to add another meeting to your calendar), but you will have constant access to the group (and myself) via powerful online collaboration tools.

You will have me and others in the mastermind providing feedback on your goals, giving direction, sharing ideas, and pulling you out of the hole when you feel stuck and lost.

The Creative Action Mastermind is one of the most powerful things I have ever offered — the feedback from folks who joined me have been off the charts amazing. They have found renewed clarity in their creative work, and a solid roadmap for moving forward. What people have said about the mastermind:

“Dan promised me collaboration when I signed up for this group.  I had my doubts, but not anymore. Being a part of the the Mastermind group has brought so much clarity (and simplicity) to my creative work.”
–– Jack Schaeffer

“This group has lit a fire under me. It has created energy and momentum with my writing.  Plus: I’m having so much fun!”
–– Teri Case

“WOW. I’m really blown away (seriously, not exaggerating) by the kind, helpful responses in this group.  When I signed up, I had wondered if I was doing the right thing by joining this Mastermind –– I was afraid I wasn’t really ready for the step. But now I see that this is exactly what I needed.”
—- Maya Rushing Walker

“I’m telling you, these Masterminders are a generous and creative and supportive group.  And that Dan Blank is generous and helpful beyond the beyond.”
–– Judy Reeves

“There are so many layers of emotional and creative spirit in this group. I can feel positive momentum building.”
— Mary McFarland

“Dan’s Mastermind group is a safe haven for creators and writers.  Dan and my fellow Mastermind participants helped me define the direction for my writing and reach more readers through my website, blog and social media. I recommend this group to anyone looking for support and direction in their creative projects.”
-— Rupert Davies-Cooke

“I believe that Dan Blank has created MAGIC here. This group has held me accountable to making a positive change in my creative work — I have never been a part of something this powerful before!”
—- Cathey Nickell

“This Mastermind has given me a sense of direction with the business side of my writing that I’ve never had before.”
—- Dawn Downey

“This Mastermind is building camaraderie with like-minded people for the first time in my life.  I have never felt so alive.  I can’t even explain it.  Even with all my past successes nothing has brought me as much fulfillment as this group and each individual in it.”
— Cari Flory

The deadline to register is Wednesday December 28, 2016, but please keep in mind, there are only 5 slots left. They go on a first come, first served basis. If you think this may be for you, you can read more about the mastermind here.