Join My Book Launch Team

I’m making plans for the launch of my new book, Share Like it Matters, which is the follow up to Be the Gateway. Share Like it Matters outlines a clear plan to find the time and energy to write and create, and turn that devotion to your craft into marketing that feels authentic and has a meaningful impact on those you reach. The book will be released in Fall of 2020.

Just as I would advise you to do, I’m putting together a small launch team of trusted, committed individuals to help me with the following:

  • Make decisions around the messaging of the book — what resonates, what doesn’t.
  • Make decisions about the publishing path — what to focus on, what to ignore.
  • Make decisions around marketing — how to best get the word out.

You are right for this group if you are already familiar with my work, and it resonates with you. You understand and like my voice, you have a general sense of my philosophy when it comes to how writers and artists can best share their work. You like my podcast or blog, or Be the Gateway, or maybe you have previously been a part of my Mastermind or one of my programs.

You don’t need to have specific credentials to join, but you have to be willing to participate, not just be a wallflower.

Why apply to join my launch team? A few reasons:

  • You genuinely want to help me. You like me and my work, and simply want to help this book be a success.
  • You want to get a glimpse into how I launch a book. Is the process I’m using for myself perfect and applicable to all? Nope. Am I sharing every step, every template? Nope. But I’ll try to be open about what I’m doing, when, and why.
  • You are willing to share advice and spread the word.

How will it run and what is the commitment?

  1. Fill out the application linked below.
  2. I will review all applications and accept a small group of people. I don’t know the final number yet.
  3. I will invite the accepted people into a private Slack group. You get to “meet” the other members of the group, which honestly, I think will be amazing because there are so many inspiring writers in my community.
  4. I will share specific questions for feedback. Some weeks there may be nothing I need feedback on, other weeks there will be more. All participation is voluntary. If you have an expertise or an opinion or can help — GREAT! If not, I appreciate your active support and any input you can offer.

To apply, fill out this form. Thanks!