My Social Media Strategy: JUST SAY YES.

Dan BlankI’ve been reflecting on how I use social media. What is my ‘strategy.’ (evil word, I know) And I think it comes down to this:


Just Say YES.

Say yes to a new experience.

Say yes to meeting new people.

Say yes to sharing someone’s content.

Say yes to helping someone with a challenge.

Say yes to making someone smile.

Say yes to being present.

And the one thing that enables me to say ‘yes’ all the time is the one thing I say ‘no’ to. When I consider how to be involved, I don’t think about what it takes from me, but about what it creates in the world. In other words, I say ‘no’ to even ASKING a question such as ‘do I really have time for this.’

Make time to create.

Make time to help.

Make time to be present.