Okay, this is something I’m really excited about…

My team and I have been working on something I am incredibly excited about. I won’t be announcing it just yet, but I wanted to share a bit of the “why” behind it, and give you a teaser.

Every single day I talk to people who are trying to find more time to do their creative work. I have to say, I have spent most of my life in these conversations.

When I was a kid, I went to art school, and growing up, I did illustration, photography, poetry, sculpture, pop-up books, music, writing, a newspaper cartoon, trained to be a radio DJ, published a zine, did design work, and eventually I became an entrepreneur working with writers and creative professionals.

I have been lucky to have my life filled with wonderful creative people doing deeply meaningful work.

But there is another side to their experience. The struggle of finding the time and energy for it, especially as we grow older and life’s demands become more complex.

I created a video that shares what I have heard in talking to creatives about their challenges.

I want to be honest about the struggle that so many people go through in trying to make their work. I don’t want to ever diminish how profound it is, nor make the solutions seem like they are magic tricks — a simple pill that makes everything easier. This is deep stuff, but critically important to address.

Here is a video introduction:

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Thank you.