Start the year with creative clarity

In helping writers and creators reach their audience, I have found that the first essential ingredient is creative clarity. When you have creative clarity, you:

  • Know exactly what to create.
  • Understand how to use your limited resources for the greatest impact to reach your audience.
  • Feel confident in your creative identity.
  • Focus people’s attention and better communicate your writing and creative vision to others.
  • Have the foundation to build a solid plan to launch and share your writing or creative work with others.

I want to invite you join me in working through my Clarity Cards method. This is a simple exercise that has radically changed people’s lives for the better. Please join me for a workshop on January 6th at 12:30pm ET:

Creative Clarity: Find More Time, Get More Done, and Live with More Confidence.

Register here. In this session I will present the entire system and show you how to use it to make meaningful change in your life. I will also answer your questions, provide feedback, show you how I work through Clarity Cards, and how to use them to lay the foundation for your creative goals in 2023. (If you can’t make the live event, please sign up anyway and I’ll send you a recording of the session.)

This is free, easy, and potentially life-changing. What you end up with is a pyramid of 10 cards. While they look simple, the results are powerful:

If you want to get a head start, you can begin working on your Clarity Cards right now. Download the entire Clarity Cards process here. It’s 100% free, all in this one PDF. After you work through the exercise, send me a photo of your cards! Just email me a photo to

It is useful to do Clarity Cards at least once a year, even if you are someone who feels confident in what you create. If you have done Clarity Cards in the past, I encourage you to use this opportunity to take a fresh look at your creative goals and potential in 2023.

I have helped hundreds of people work through Clarity Cards, and am constantly amazed at how it helps them break through barriers that they have struggled with for years. Plus, Clarity Cards are the first step to preparing to launch your creative work. If you are looking at the new year hoping to truly connect your writing and creative projects to others, start here. Don’t just wait for it to happen, create a plan. That begins with Clarity Cards.