Tad Hargrave Interview – How Marketing Can Give, Not Just Take

I had the pleasure of speaking with marketing expert Tad Hargrave. In the book world, more authors are becoming marketers for their work. Inherently, this causes an identity shift, and a confrontation that they want to spread the word, but not bug people. Tad excels at this type of thing: focusing on how marketing can be a part of a process that supports an entire community, instead of focusing on just getting money from people. Some topics we cover:

  • How can marketing be inspiring and make the world a better place?
  • Where does marketing go wrong? (EG: Manufacturing insecurity in your customer to get them to “need” your product.)
  • How to consider the many income streams that support a business.
  • Why Tad uses a pay-what-you-can method of pricing his workshops and webinars
  • His experience as a street performer, and how he learned that marketing can be a positive thing, where people enjoy giving you money.
  • How honesty in marketing is refreshing, that one doesn’t need to mask that a transaction is going on.
  • The responsibility we have in marketing to ensure it supports the entire community in which you work.
  • How focusing on meeting JUST your needs can also deliver the worst aspects of modern culture – how our professional and personal communities are divided. But that focusing on how your needs can be met, AND others’ needs can be met helps everyone in bigger ways.
  • That, “when a lot of people think they want fame, they really want community; that when they think they want status, what they really want is stature – being held in high esteem by those you respect.”

You can watch our entire chat by clicking the play button below:

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Tad creates marketing workshops and offers consulting services for holistic & green businesses. You can find him in the following places:

Thank you so much to Tad for taking the time to chat!