The Complete List of Creative Distractions and Defenses Against Them

Over on Writer Unboxed, I shared a humorous take on a huge problem that affects many creative professionals: distractions. I cover a wide range of distractions, and propose clear tactics to combat them. One example:

Distraction: Cleaning

  • Definition: Dust bunnies. You can hear them calling, can’t you? They say, “Dust us! Collect us and deliver us to the afterworld of the magic dust bin!”
  • Defense: For centuries, mankind has lived in filth. Sewers running through the streets, people bathing only monthly. I mean, the vacuum cleaner wasn’t even invented until 1860, meaning that most of human history was spent without them. Some of the greatest written work of all time was written specifically in the absence of the unrivaled suction power of a Dyson. Let’s face it, if A + B = C, there is no argument. A world without vacuum cleaners is a world where great writing thrives.

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