The Gateway Mastermind

When I reached out to an author who had been a part of a previous session of my mastermind program, to tell her about the next one, this was her reply:

“I’m very pleased to tell you, because of your guidance, I’m way too busy connecting with my audience over the next three months, to join the next Mastermind.”

She then went into detail about what plans she had already made. None of it was about vaguely sharing content on social media — it was all practical connections with real people, and she shared stories of how this has led to book sales and true word of mouth marketing.

Today, I want to share a few resources to help you do the same for your creative work. First up is indeed the launch of my next mastermind session, titled The Gateway Mastermind, which begins on April 1st.

Within it, you work with me personally, an amazing facilitator named Teri Case, and approximately 9 other creative professionals. Our focus is to help you find your  ideal audience and and best share your creative work.

This is about engagement and action — you will develop powerful relationships during this program and take clear actions towards reaching your audience. Here is what we cover in the three-month mastermind:

  • We will work through the concepts and strategies outlined in my book, Be the Gateway.
  • In April you develop a gateway for your creative work, prioritizing what you should focus on first, developing a mission statement, and testing your own assumptions.
  • In May, you identify comparable creative work, and find guidepost and guides that help lead you to your audience. Then, you do primary research and begin establishing the relationships you need for success. You open the gate to your audience.
  • In June you develop a process to walk someone through your gateway — creating experiences that engage those you hope to reach. You will also create a support system that makes your creative work sustainable.

The Gateway Mastermind is so much more than that though. It is a support group where you can brainstorm new ideas, ask for help working through other aspects of connecting with your audience. This group is for anyone who wants to share their creative work with the world, whether you are deeply experienced in your field and already have a following, or if you are brand new and don’t know where to begin.

It runs from April 1st to June 30th, 2017. There are a limited number of spots available, if you are interested, please register as soon as possible.

Full details are here — grab your spot now! 

The Gateway Mastermind is one of the most powerful things I have ever offered — the feedback from folks who joined me have been off the charts amazing.