The Value of Iteration, Testing & Data in Creating Profitable Digital Products

Are you looking for a way to guarantee increased audience size, engagement and revenue around your digital products? In this guest post for Emedia Vitals, I share a methodology for doing just that, comprising of these steps:

  1. Create a process of iteration
    When you find something that works, instead of just copying it and subjecting your audience to more of it, why not optimize what you are already doing?
  2. Always be testing
    Use A/B and multivariate testing to constantly improve your products and services. Test everything: headlines, segments of your list, ways of promoting it, images, different layouts and colors, etc.
  3. Use the data quickly
    The trick is to use data in a way that drives decisions. When you look at metrics, you should be able to define a single action you can take based on what the data tells you.

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