This is a big deal for me…

Something happened this week that is a big deal for me. An article I wrote — “Searching for Tim Cook’s Energy Bar” — was featured on

It would mean a lot to me if you could check it out, and if you enjoy it, share it with others:

This such a big deal for me for a few reasons…

First, I LOVE the community surrounding 99u. These are creative doers, those who are working within organizations and out on their own, trying to “make ideas happen.” I put that phrase in quotes because it’s similar to the title of a book written by 99u founder Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen.

The work that he, 99u editor-in-chief Sean Blanda, founding editor Jocelyn K. Glei, and the entire 99u team do is deeply meaningful.

It aligns with what I love: helping mid-career people work through real challenges of doing work that matters. How this is not about blind inspiration, but dealing with the realities of working a day job, raising kids, dealing with serious health issues, caring for others, mental health, physical health. All while turning vision into reality.

In the article, I get really honest about the psychological struggle to seek shortcuts on the long road to success. Even when we know that the journey is the real point, it can be tempting to seek a different path to reach your destination more quickly.

I share three key tips on how to find more energy for the work that matters most to you. These are things I spent years and years learning, not just for myself, but in working with hundreds of creative professionals.

Huge thanks to Jennie Nash for her editorial prowess in helping me shape the piece. Here is the link to the article again: