We Are Stories

Today I want to talk about the small moments of our lives, and how these moments add up to the stories of who we are, what we create, and the impact we have on others.

In the work I do, I speak to writers all the time about how they can share their writing, and how what they create and how they share it can create meaningful experiences.

It is these moments of connection — between a reader and a story — that drives so much of our hope of what a book can do. But I also speak to authors nearly every day about the meaningful moments that they have with readers.

I’m going to go a bit deep here, and a bit personal, I hope that’s okay. When I consider those moments between readers and writers, I consider the moments that matter most in our lives. The people who make those moments possible.

And today I’m thinking of my dad.

He just turned 80. The day after his birthday he went in for surgery he is still recovering from, but more and more he is his old self again.

I’ve been thinking back to this day:

That is my grandmother walking into the hospital in 1939, about to give birth to my father. Here they are just a few days after birth, about to go home:

Here is my dad as that kid who loved playing ball in the streets of the Bronx, and getting comic books at corner store:

Here he is as big brother:

Eating a hot dog on a New York boardwalk:

Looking rather dapper in his late teens/early 20s:

Here is my dad meeting the love of his life and getting married to her later that same year (they have been married more than 50 years now!):

My dad becoming a father (that’s my brother):

My dad traveling the world (that’s me in the stripes!):

My dad the assistant soccer coach (He’s on the right, I’m standing directly in front of him):

My dad the grandfather:

These snapshots capture moments, and in between are the experiences that make up our lives.

Each day when I speak to writers, they challenge me to help them to create, to share, to connect. In doing so, I keep in mind my father. I keep in mind everyone in my life, and how we each have our stories… our moments of growing, learning, and connecting.

Creating these moments between writers and readers is a part of who we are, and who we become.

Happy birthday dad.