Will You Be There for the Future of Media?

An article in Rolling Stone magazine quotes Jimi Hendrix, a few weeks before his death in 1970:

“Hendrix also said he’d been “thinking that this era of music – sparked off by the Beatles – had come to an end. Something new has got to come, and Jimi Hendrix will be there.” He didn’t make it.”

I can’t help but feel the future of publishing and media is in a similar place. The world has admiration for the way things were, for the value that media has given us over the last century, and how we have come to integrate it into our lives.

And yet, it is changing. Something new is coming.

We are now all Jimi Hendrix in mid-1970, positioning ourselves to ‘be there’ as publishing & media evolves.

The real question is: will you make it.