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Build a Great Audience, Not Just a Great Idea

There are so many great ideas out there. To ensure yours doesn’t fall flat, consider how you can develop a great audience, not just a great idea.

  • VeronicaSicoe

    The world is full of great ideas, but whether these ideas are great for more than just a couple of people is often a try and error thing. Many good ideas have seemed weird at the time, but found an unexpectedly huge audience that needed it, while other ideas might blind their creator with the promise of success and completely misfire. It’s not easy to predict, but I believe the best strategy—especially in writing fiction—is to go with one’s own need and interests, and try to absolutely excel at delivering the product, to completely surpass all expectations (especially one’s own).

    It’s an important aspect, of idea vs. practicability. Thanks for the thought provoking post, Dan! 🙂

    • Thanks Veronica – I appreciate your take on this. The principles of the Lean Startup movement apply here to: finding ways to test ideas before you take them to 100% fruition. I have seen people spend goo-gobs of time and money on products and then finally presenting them to the world and receiving complete silence. I work with folks to avoid that scenario!