A Radically Honest Conversation on Marketing, with Tad Hargrave

So many writers and artist struggle to consider how they can best market what they create. How they can develop a fanbase that leads to a sense of fulfillment and sales. I invited Tad Hargrave onto the podcast to have a candid conversation about marketing — what works, what doesn’t, and why so many of us are uncomfortable with it.

Some of what we cover in our conversation:

  • Guess who is really good at marketing you? The people who love your work. So marketing becomes making it easy for others to share about you.
  • The role of scarcity and “fear of missing out” in marketing.
  • Why some marketing is about tension and seduction.
  • The three roles of marketing: getting attention, filtering, and lowering the risk for someone about to take the next step.
  • Why word-of-mouth is the sustainable approach to marketing.
  • The role of charisma and luck in success.
  • Why he asks his customers “are you sure?” as they take out their credit card to buy from him.
  • The importance of trust in marketing.
  • How it is better to have a smaller more engaged audience, than a bigger audience of people who aren’t really a good fit for you work.
  • He asks this question: What if marketing wasn’t about trying to convince, seduce, or persuade anyone from buying, but about you sharing what you have with the people for whom it would be a fit.?

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