Anchoring Myself to the Book Title “Dabblers vs. Doers”

This post is a part of my behind-the-scenes series on a book I am writing called Dabblers vs. Doers.

Now that I have announced that I am writing a book, I want to begin ensuring that anyone that hears the title of my book, Dabblers vs. Doers, will easily find a path back to me. When I first began this process, and typed “Dabblers vs. Doers” into Google, this is what I saw — my website came up third in Google search results:

Dabblers Vs. Doers

Of course, this is reflective of me doing zero work so far to publicly promote this project. It was nice to see that no one else had really attached themselves to this phrase in a big way, though clearly plenty of others have considered the relation of these two words.

So as I begin the project, I want to publicly anchor myself to this phrase: Dabblers vs. Doers. For now, I took some very basic steps to do so, registering the following:

I know that Google tends to rank social media profiles pretty high in their results, but I’m not yet 100% sure if, or how, I will use the Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter profiles. In all likelihood, various posts on this site — — is where all roads will lead for a while, but it is a nice protective measure to have the option to use Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps others.

While I registered several similiar domain names, I didn’t go nuts registering alternate domain names because I don’t know if I will use any of these accounts actively. I don’t want to spend three years building outposts for the name of a single book, that I will eventually give up because a second book has a different title. BUT… I want to protect the name, and at least get into Google early.

I am taking other steps to connect to this name, such as adding Dabblers vs. Doers to my Twitter profile:

Dabblers vs. Doers
And adding a link to the navigation bar of my website, and a big banner link on the right side template of all pages.

As I share blog posts such as this one about the book, as I do interviews for research and a public podcast, I expect the Google search results for “Dabblers vs. Doers” to change pretty rapidly.

Checking in on Google after only a week or two of preparations listed above, I began to show up on the first page of Google results for the slightly more generic search query “dabblers doers” (without quotes):

Dabblers vs. Doers

After I announced the book, more than three weeks out from when I started, I have the top spot for the search “dabblers doers”:

Dabblers vs. Doers

This is likely because people have begun interacting with the pages I created, and mentioning the book title (and linking to it) via social media.

Do you ever Google your own name or the name of your book or project you are developing? How do you begin anchoring yourself to these titles?


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