Dabblers vs. Doers

Dabblers vs. Doers is the title of the book I am currently writing, and is about working through RISK as you develop your craft and build a meaningful body of work. So many people are stuck in a rut between creative vision and crushing anxiety. They are overwhelmed by their many responsibilities both professionally and personally, and feel they keep hitting barriers with time, money and energy.

Even with the best of intentions, they find themselves merely dabbling with their creative vision instead of becoming doers – creating a powerful sense of momentum. My book focuses on the habits that prevent people from taking action in developing their craft and finding success that truly shapes the lives of others.

There are three ways you can become a part of the experience of this book coming together:

There will be updates every week – I plan on making every part of this process as public as possible.

Behind the Scenes of Dabblers vs. Doers