Chuck Wendig on Owning Your Voice and Choosing the Path of Your Career as a Writer

I’m excited to share my interview with bestselling author Chuck Wendig. He gets really honest about:

  • How he got a 3 book deal to write Star Wars book via a Tweet.
  • Why he says Twitter won’t help u sell books, but that it is filled with a lot of professional opportunities, giving you access to amazing people.
  • When Marvel approached him to write for a comic book series, they gave him a choice: a super popular one or a much less known series. He chose the lesser known book, because it would give him more creative freedom that would really leave a mark.
  • The not awesome jobs he took while trying to become a professional writer.
  • The reality of what it is like to make it as a freelance writer.
  • How he wrote four novels that no publisher wanted, were never published, and why he is thankful for that.
  • How he approached his last ditch effort as writing a successful novel differently, and why it worked.
  • How he changed his writing practice from taking 4-5 years to write a book, to writing the next one in 30 days.
  • The reality of what it is like to have your book optioned for a deal in Hollywood, to assemble a team, to get offices… and then have it fall apart.
  • Why he describes book series as having diminishing returns in terms of sales and audience, with each additional book.
  • How he got death threats because of his books, and how he dealt with it.
  • How when one opportunity closes, many new other opportunities open up.
  • The reason his new book, Wanderers is 280,000 words long, and how his publisher encouraged him to go where he needed to with it.

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