In a recent guest post for, I explore the value of clarity to see and celebrate your successes:

Clarity. This is the word that underscores so much of what you do in connecting with and growing your audience.
Clarity of your own focus.
Clarity of voice.
Clarity of timing.
Clarity of who you want to reach.
Clarity of what resonates with these people.
Clarity of matching their need to the value you offer.
Clarity of what you should focus on, and what you can let go.
Clarity around what matters to you day to day.
Clarity of long-term goals that you reach slowly.

You’ll have no trouble finding “best practices,” marketing tips, social media tricks, and ideas around “gaming” Amazon. All of these things are simply fancy ways to package clarity. Tricks to lead you to believe clarity is a secret formula – one that others know, and you don’t. But it’s not: clarity is a process.

What I find ironic is how clarity is the antithesis of the feeling of overwhelm that so many writers and creative professionals experience.

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