Creative Work is Performance. Assess Your Creative Health Now.

In my most recent guest post for Writer Unboxed, I talk about viewing your work as a set of skills to hone. It is easy to think of a basketball player’s work as PERFORMANCE. Something to hone in a myriad of ways. Yet, difficult to think of our own work that way.

So many writers and creative professionals I speak to feel scattered — they are wildly distracted by other responsibilities. They struggle to set up work processes, and the ones they do are thrown off kilter at the slightest gust of figurative wind.

I OBSESS about this. About you moving past writers block. About raising the game in your craft. About you reaching your audience. About you living up to the vision you have. About how your identity is affected by your creative work. How the lives of others are affected by that which you create.

In the post, I encourage you to review your own creative health in eight different ways:

  1. Ideation and idea capture
  2. Prioritizing time for creative work
  3. Physical health
  4. Nutrition as fuel for performance
  5. Rest as fuel for performance
  6. Mental heath as foundation for performance
  7. Prioritizing creative work, and giving yourself permission
  8. Collaboration and social health

Read the full post here.