I’m opening 5 spots for this

I recently I offered a rare opportunity to join me in a Mastermind group. For those who joined, I showed them behind the scenes of how I manage creative work, and each person within it crafted their own plan for 2016. What’s more, we worked as a group to ensure everyone was accountable to moving ahead with their own work — to reaching a point of momentum.

It turns out, this is one of the most powerful things I have ever offered — the feedback has been off the charts amazing:

“Participating with like-minded people who feel it is never too late to grow and learn, has lit a fire under me. This Mastermind is filled with energy, encouragement, and humor. There is no pussyfooting around – we are putting the pedal to the metal!”

“I feel fresh and like I am entering a new world with all of this! I’m realizing that it’s not about getting to everything, but instead, to get to what’s most important.”

“I just have to say, I completed two tasks this week that I should have done a year ago. I’m loving this Mastermind, and its energy and momentum. This is so exhilarating!”

“Working together in the mastermind on each of our plans is proving to be greater than the sum of our individual parts. Things really are falling into place.”

“Thanks to everyone in the Mastermind, you allowed me to hold myself accountable and overcome a major blockage. You’ve inspired me to keep going. My Mastermind planning has given me a sense of direction that I’ve never had before.”

“This Mastermind has proven to be transformative for me, I’m feeling the momentum and joy. Thank you!”

“I have found that once you open up the channel to new ideas, they just keep coming! Another one just gobsmacked me this morning — a BIG one, but I think I’m up to tackling it. I’m working fast and furious, and the process has been so enlightening. This is such a generous, creative and supportive group.”

Bottom line: those who joined have found a renewed clarity in their creative work, and a solid roadmap for moving forward.

So I am opening up 5 additional spots to join this Mastermind in the first quarter of 2016. If you are a writer, artist, designer, crafter, entrepreneur, or someone whose work is not just about earning money, but about creating something special that will enrich the lives of others — this may be for you.

It’s called the Creative Action Mastermind, and full details can be found here. This program isn’t for everyone, but I wanted to let you know.