“Don’t lose faith and quit on yourself.” My Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author Thomas Greanias

Today I’m excited to share my interview with New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias. What jumped out at me the most was his advice to writers, and how they have a power that they often don’t fully understand. Unlike screenwriters and filmmakers in Hollywood, writers have greenlight authority on their own ideas, and also have final cut. He encourages you to use that power. 

His advice and stories are amazing — some highlights:

  • The writing advice that writer and filmmaker John Hughes gave him — literally on the set as they filmed The Breakfast Club.
  • How one of his screenplays had James Cameron seriously considering producing it, until he got distracted by another movie called Titanic.
  • How characters from his novel were brought into an augmented reality game that has 50 million active players.
  • What he learned about the value of connecting one-on-one with bookstores, and how he travelled around his home state ensuring he met with booksellers.
  • He has a detailed view of what works in publishing, and how to navigate your career as a writer.

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