How Creative Side-Projects Led to a Career in Art and Design, with Kelli Anderson

In this podcast, I chat with Brooklyn-based artist and designer, Kelli Anderson. We dig into

  • The value of stubbornness in the creative process
  • How her career path had her quit a safe full-time job for a part-time job that allowed her to do creative side-project with the rest of her time
  • The importance of collaboration in developing your craft and developing an audience
  • The power of communication: when you are 100% clear on what you love and you let people know, it empowers them to help you get it
  • How she gained her social media following of 60,000 followers from sharing innovative projects like a paper record player
  • Why she is so enamored by analog, lo-fi, and mechanical things
  • How she has constructed her life around this: artistic growth is not always about financial growth
  • The importance of keeping a sketchbook

You can find Kelli in the following places: